» Comics - Incoming! - May 10th, 2008, 5:48 pm

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Author Comments:

Razr00, May 10th, 2008, 5:52 pm ( Reply )

- I think I did better on the posing (lol 4th panel) And mabye dioluage. Felt a little free (proof in panel 3) I also love the way the word CRASH turned out ^_^

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Reader Comments:

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A little better.

posted by D00D64 on May 10th, 2008, 5:57 pm

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Not bad!
Fav'd for now.

posted by Zombie Mojo on May 10th, 2008, 6:06 pm

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OK Good, thanks DOOD64. And Crap, is it really Meagan?! Im so sorry. I hope you don't mind.
And, Does anyone how to make those closeups?

posted by Razr00 on May 10th, 2008, 6:07 pm

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I've always wonderd if it was possible to have two comics with the same name. You can't with most stuff. But, here you can.

I thought the title seemed familiar. And, yet, the author didn't seem familiar at all.

posted by Lugbzurg on May 11th, 2008, 4:51 pm

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The diffrence is there is a hyphen (this thing -) in this comic's name.

posted by Bobcheese400 on May 12th, 2008, 4:17 pm

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Oh thats only becuase theres another comic called sonic chronicles

posted by Razr00 on May 12th, 2008, 4:20 pm

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Again im sorry. I didn't know.

posted by Razr00 on May 13th, 2008, 3:46 pm

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In all honesty, if your title get's copied, it not a unique title. In fact, Sonic Chronicles is used in Bioware's upcoming game...

posted by Celestial_Wolf on May 14th, 2008, 4:07 pm

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I changed it, Are you happy now?!

posted by Razr00 on May 14th, 2008, 4:57 pm

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